Whenever a program is executed on a server, it is loaded into the physical memory. In case you run a resource-demanding script, or if you simply add more scripts on your Internet sites and you get loads of visitors, you might encounter a situation where your Virtual Private Server has too little memory to run all the programs and freezes because of this, which means your websites will stop functioning properly and that the website visitors will start seeing error messages. To avoid such a scenario, you can take advantage of the RAM upgrade that we are offering and increase the amount of physical memory available without changing the whole plan. That way, you may pay only for the system resources which you actually need rather than for additional disk space or higher Central processing unit speeds that you won't really use, for example. With the upgrade, you'll be able to guarantee the flawless operation of your websites, which also means a better experience for your visitors.
Additional RAM in VPS Servers
The RAM upgrade is available in increments of 128 MB with each VPS servers that we offer, no matter if it is a low-end or a high-end one. In case you know that you shall need additional RAM from the very beginning, you may add it on the order page, while in case you need it after your web server is already working, you could add it through your billing CP with just a couple of clicks. The additional memory will be allocated to your current plan automatically, so there will not be any downtime and you'll not need to do anything personally on your end. Since we create a number of VPS accounts on potent physical web servers, there shall always be enough free RAM that can be allocated to any of the accounts, no matter what upgrade you or any other customer needs. This scalability means that your websites can develop without limiting their functionality or the number of clients that can browse them all at once.